How to Gain Advantage with Cosmetics Software Testing!

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 12/9/2016

How to Gain Advantage with Cosmetics Software Testing!

In the world which is becoming closer and closer to ‘Black Mirror’ episodes, online shopping is becoming the most desirable choice of customers since you can do shopping from the comfort of your own home and do it almost instantly. Brands who embrace innovations earlier than the others and offer good solutions to customers to overcome the most nagging limitations – are ahead of competition in hundreds of steps.

Digital window-shopping is one of such limitations. Its implementation gives a lot of room for experimentation, and companies who provide the best digital tools for “trying makeup on” get the ultimate competitive advantage.

Cosmetics industry doesn’t make an exception because it takes a couple of seconds to get a beautified image of yourself. What’s more, it can substantially benefit from innovations and technology, and even attract new buyers.

Cosmetics software testing

Technology can help and transform the industry making it even more attractive for clients.

Just look at these existing, innovative cosmetics applications:

  1. ModiFace is an augmented reality platform. It comprises a nail studio, a hair studio, an eye color studio, a skin tone studio, the ultimate photo editor, and more. People can try on any image they want, any type of hair color, makeup, color of nails, eye color. ModiFace Photo Editor app enables you to reshape your facial features by making your eyes bigger, making your lips bigger, transforming the shape of your nose, or whitening your teeth, using ‘virtual dentist’, and many more.
  2. MakeupGenius, a L’oreal app – a fine example of how tech helps cosmetics companies to attract more online shoppers. The app performs over 50 unique effects on your selfie photos, including applying makeup, contacts, reshaping, perfecting, weight loss, retouching, and much more.
  3. Selfie cam app. You can even virtually groom yourself to make a selfie and look stupendous on the spot if you need to but have no time to apply makeup.
  4. ThinkDirty. Some of those apps go even beyond just beautifying effect – they spot any potentially harmful chemicals in the cosmetics products.

Cosmetics software testing, makeup app tests

However, to perform well, technology has to be as accurate as possible.

Innovative applications need rigorous testing and proper quality assurance.

In present world one of the key rules of innovations and technology is timing. The fastest the product is released – the more competitive advantage it gets.

So fast and effective testing of cosmetics software is a necessity, not a matter of choice.

To make the app both attractive and speed up its release, it is important to combine automated software testing services and manual UI testing.

Cosmetics companies are in urgent need of comprehensive, end-to-end testing, and continuous integration.

Continuous integration ensures faster time to market, reducing costs, and higher ROI.

Functional testing

To ensure the app performs the way it is supposed to and is devoid of defects which will disappoint your app potential users, functional testing is a must. Functionality is the core of your app.

Compatibility testing

Compatibility testing for mobile apps ensures an application runs flawlessly:

across multiple devices, with different screen resolutions, memory sizes, on real devices, with different connectivity options, different networks, on both updated and outdated software.

Usability testing

Such aspects of usability testing should be checked:

If you choose innovation to be on your side, you should make sure it won’t let you down. Use testing of cosmetics software to make sure its quality, performance, and user interface are impeccable, and won’t disappoint you or your potential app users.

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