How to Ensure Your Mobile Banking App Is Tested Thoroughly

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The importance of testing your software solution before its release can hardly be overestimated. The reasons are obvious: a thoroughly tested solution doesn’t irritate its users with bugs, errors and performance issues. Therefore, the better the user experience is, the higher customer engagement and retention rates are. Besides, your costs for post-release bug-fixing and maintenance are reduced if testing is done properly and iteratively.

Testing mobile banking apps is not completely the same as any other mobile app testing. What can you as a product owner do to ensure your mobile banking app is tested thoroughly? Keep reading to find out.

5 Key Things that Should Be Tested

First and foremost, you need to know what tests you should pay particular attention to during mobile application testing. Mobile banking apps have their own specifics like compliance with regulations and securing sensitive user data – we’ve picked five most crucial things that should be tested properly.

User Data Security

Mobile banking apps collect, process, and store tons of sensitive user data connected to their banking account. Besides, they can be used for authorizing transactions. If your app suffers from a data breach, your reputation will be damaged as well.

So, here are three things you need to ensure during financial application testing:

  • The data must be properly encrypted (end-to-end encryption is a must, as well as compliance with such advanced standard as AES-256);
  • The connection between the user device and your servers must be secure;
  • The data that’s not needed should get permanently deleted.

It is crucial to conduct vulnerability testing of the whole system to spot potential exploits and eliminate them. Besides, we suggest you conduct a penetration test before and after your app is released. You can find out more about eliminating the risk of data breaches from another blog post of ours.


Compatibility with various devices is critical for the quality of user experience. As there is a number of devices with different screen dimensions, resolution, and OS versions, you need to ensure your app looks flawless on all of them. The aim of compatibility testing is to reveal and fix inconsistencies or bugs in fonts, images, elements rendering, functionality, etc.

To achieve that, app testing companies can either run your app on emulators (desktop apps that mimic various mobile devices) or real devices – and we suggest the latter option as emulators may lead to false conclusions and they do not reflect all the peculiarities of a particular device.


Testing user interface and user experience is obviously crucial – good user experience leads to great customer satisfaction. To reach this outcome, you require a variety of UI/UX software testing services.

In a nutshell, you need to conduct usability tests to make sure all the elements function the way they are supposed to. Afterward, your QA company needs to check certain hypotheses about user behavior. For that, they use can use heat maps to track how the app is being used, conduct UX interviews with real-life users from your target audience to determine the inconveniences, A/B testing, etc.

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Banking mobile applications have to be compliant with a number of regulations and standards, both country-specific and international. The two main ones are GDPR and ISO 12812.

To comply with GDPR, your app must include data protection by design and by default. Besides, you need to ensure you can execute the rights of your EU-based users, including:

  • The right to know what personal data is collected, how it’s processed and for what purposes;
  • The right to erase personal data once and for all.

As for ISO 12812, it contains standards for security and data protection, as well as for processing transactions to person and business and financial app lifecycle management. When it comes to compliance with regulations, you will need the help of QA testing companies that specialize in this field.


Mobile banking apps have to deal with huge loads of data, and their inability to cope with that is guaranteed to have a negative impact on the user experience.

To avoid such a scenario, your software testing company should put the system under various loads to see how stable and responsive it is and determine the main weak points that need improvement. Performance tests should include:

  • Load testing (to determine the app’s behavior under a particular load);
  • Stress testing (to pinpoint its maximum load capacity);
  • Soak testing (to verify the app can keep working under a continuous expected load);
  • Spike testing (to determine the app’s behavior under a sudden considerable increase or decrease in load).

6 Tips for Successful Testing

So, if you’ve opted for in-house or outsourced software testing services, here are six tips to ensure the cooperation is fruitful:

  • Make testing regular and continuous to detect bugs as soon as they appear (especially after updates);
  • Use both manual and automated testing (while automated testing does save your time, manual testing is crucial for UI/UX testing and other tests);
  • Test the app on real devices, not just emulators;
  • Strive for achieving real user conditions, so that the results are deceptive;
  • Consider using real users’ feedback for improving the app;
  • Be involved in the process from the very beginning (during requirements gathering, their review, etc.).


Testing a mobile banking app is even more important than a regular one. Your app will process extremely sensitive user data, so security testing is a must. Compliance with certain regulations is not an option either, whereas ensuring the quality of user experience is a matter of surviving the cutthroat competition (your clients can easily switch to your competitor with a better mobile banking app).

All in all, make sure you employ the help of an expert company when it comes to testing. Luckily for you, you are already in the right place. Reach out to us today to ensure your app is going to be top-notch and enjoy the perks of outsourcing.

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