How to Decide On the Company You Will Outsource QA To?


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Every single software outsourcing project always starts with two companies. One of them seeks assistance and the other provides required services. As simple as this dynamic duo may seem its extremely hard to find a decent service provider nowadays.

QA outsourcing has grown into an enormous industry with big money involved. And if there is a bid, delicious pie there will be people wanting a piece of it. Some will work hard to earn their slice, whilst others will try to get in by cheating. But how do you, as a business owner spot a cheat?

Check out the testimonials

Talk with a few clients the company you are looking towards had provided with QA services. If such actions are possible, of course. You can also go through the testimonials of your potential service provider.

Surely all the testimonials on any company’s website will most likely be positive, however you may look deeper. These pages allow you to understand which kinds of clients your potential service provider was dealing with earlier.

Google the company you are going to conduct business with, check out all comments about it people were leaving on various resources. Compare them to how the company positions itself. Find out how many businesses were leaving these comments to determine experience and approximate amount of previous projects. Were they successful?

Have other options

If you are looking for software testing outsourcing, you have probably found quite a few service providers. Narrow your list to several companies that seem to fit your needs and contact all of them. Determine their internal processes, provided business models, philosophy, pricing policies, NDAs, and much-much more.

Try to get as much info as possible. Answers to your questions are not the only thing that has a meaning. Which questions were you asked in return? Were they any tactical questions about scope of work, deadlines, budget, etc.? Were you treated like a fellow colleague in business, or sales managers were trying to play you?

Now, that all data is collected and stored in one place, compare results you have received and choose a winner.

Cheap is not a primary concern

Do you require cheap services or services that deliver value? It’s only rational that the less you invest the fewer results you will get in return. Surely outsourcing must not be expensive (if compared to maintenance of in-house teams, tools and equipment) but you can always tell a really fishy price. If you will go for it, well, don’t expect much.

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