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How to Choose Between Outsource and Crowdsource Testing?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 11/11/2013

How to Choose Between Outsource and Crowdsource Testing?

Testing is an important stage of product development that needs extensive resources. In case you are not sure the testers can meet the deadline, you have 2 options – make them overwork or refer to outsourcing or crowdsource testing services.

Let’s define what the difference is between these two popular testing trends. Outsource testing suggests that the software is sent to the third-party organization for testing that allows a company deal with other development issues at that time. Crowdsource testing is about sending out your software to all the signed up people willing to test around the world.

For better understanding, let’s consider the uses of both.

Outsource testing has 3 advantages:

However it has also some disadvantages:

As for crowdsource testing, consider its following pluses:

Still, there are some minuses as well:

Though may seem similar, outsource and crowdsource QA approaches have their own pros and cons. Outsourcing is better to use when you want control over the process, quality and data security, while crowdsourcing overcome the limits of technologies and expertise, enables around the clock testing and saves your money.

Both practices present the great alternatives to in-company testing, and in the end it all comes down to the company’s priorities and abilities to choose.

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