How Does One Actually Test A Giant Battle-Robot?


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The USA challenged Japan into a giant robot battle and no surprise this event has gone viral. The USA based MegaBot raised impressive $1.8 million on Kickstarter and thus gained funds for construction of one truly American man-toy – a giant human-piloted battle bot with big guns and lots of heavy metal.

Release the metal!

What do people do with giant bots? Challenge other robots to a battle, duh. After all, that is the only obvious reason enormous machines of destructions even exist, right? Thus people from MegaBot did what had to be done and offered a duel to Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industries and their own battle bot Kuratas that will be piloted by Kogoro Kurata, Suidobashi’s founder, and CEO.

This battle will take place in approximately one year as both robots obviously have lots of work that needs to be done and enormous amounts of required preparations. After all, it would be a frustration to lose such a battle over controller malfunctions or any other software defect.

What we have learned from experience

Possible military tech failure due to software issues won’t be America’s first bitter experience in this domain. We all remember the so claimed “most advanced fighter jet” F-35, right? Sure plains are not giant robots (yet) but it is the closest thing we get to a complex combat-oriented mechanism. MegaBot had $1.8 million whilst F-35’s cost is around $400 billion, however, jet’s release was delayed due newly found software glitches. This means no single technologically advanced project, despite the complexity, budget or talented people working on it is ensured from literally devastating software glitches, flaw, and defects. Not even Kuratas or MegaBot’s Mark 2.

But how does one really test a giant man-piloted battle bot?

Actually core activities are not too hard to be determined:

However, this process does seem more than challenging. Perhaps you have several great ideas of what needs to be tested in terms or giant mech software and how should testing flow? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments!

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