How to Pick the Right Automation Tool?


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You can’t test right without the right tools

There are many facts we know about test automation. It’s helpful, useful, irreplaceable and so much more to most software testing projects. And, despite all the gained experience we are still facing issues and difficulties while the race to ultimate quality continues.

There are times when all is seemingly adjusted and running properly yet the results are close to null. Such times are of the most depressing moments in every tester’s life. And despite there are practically zero results deadlines are not willing to wait. What may cause the following situation? Many things, actually, yet a foul choice of the automation tool is of the most often ones.

Consider the following before making your final tool decision

Automated software testing is not a thing one may mess with. Experience and deep understanding of the entire process are required. Those qualities should be enough to guide you through all the available automation tools.

There is truly a large amount of them existing both: cheap and expensive, simple and complex, fitting majority of projects and unique ones. Thus picking just one is a tough call to make. Surely we all understand the right tool is the one fitting your overall requirements in the best way, yet it seems there are thousands of such applications. Answers to the following questions will make the decision easier. Take a moment to consider, think about and answer all of them and you will get a description of what you require.

  • You are working with certain platforms and technologies within your project. Your application under test is running on certain OS’s. It’s a desktop, web or a mobile app most certainly. You may be requiring a desktop app that is supported with a mobile app. Consider all those personal parameters and thing whether this or that tool is satisfying all of them?
  • Many testers will be working with the tool you have chosen. Does it fit their skills? Is it not too complex for juniors? Or, perhaps they have been trained to use that tool? If not, do you have the time to train them?
  • Dies the tool provide additional features you may require like tracking and recording tests? Or may be playback or checkpoints verifying values? Any tool is a set of features. Don’t consider only the primary one. Choose tools you will benefit of the most.
  • Are the tests your tool’s creating reusable and maintainable? How are they handling UI changes? Will such changes break automation?

After considering all of the highlighted above you are most likely to find the right tool that will fit your project. And there is one tiny thing left to consider: the budget).

Realizing the importance of providing service on agreed terms, we consider all possible risks and provide efficient solutions for all possible risks and provide efficient solutions.


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