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How I became QA Engineer

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 01/27/2014

How I became QA Engineer

To begin with, I have to admit that I love computer games. This is actually what drives me towards IT the most. I am passionate about games for about 19 years already. It started with consoles and ended up with PC. I played games of almost every genre, but most of all I prefer strategies, both the real time and turn-based ones. My love for fantasy also played its role. Started playing Warcraft 2 I have played all its continues. At the end  of the year 2005 I bought World of Warcraft discs and in 2007 I received the invitation to test the new patch World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (beta version).

It was the first time in my life I could help developers to find bugs and write feedbacks at the forums about the new patch. Having no such experience before I was not quite ready to do it. But the interest took over me so I had installed the beta version and started playing. To tell the truth, I did not help the company a lot, but all the same detected a couple of bugs and sent their description through online form. And of course gave my estimate at the forum. A pleasant thing happened the next day when I saw a letter in the game with thankful words for detecting bugs. It was a standard answer but really heartwarming. This was my first and last testing experience until 2013.

Have to mention that my choice of IT sphere was also based on my friends’ experience, who work in IT for a long time and some of them already have their own startups. In 2008 a mate of mine finally led me to learn HTML. I was forcing myself to do it and it took me a half a year to learn it. I started to make my first website. I used Dreamweaver for the first site for my friend but as we had no design, everything stumbled at uploading backgrounds. So the site was left unfinished. That is how my programming practice ended up.

It is worth noting that after the Kharkiv National Karazin University graduation in 2007 I had been working as a sales manager of industrial equipment till 2013. It was all fine at first and I had a decent salary and sale fees. It was interesting to work with large factories and the details of using this equipment. In 2008 there was a crisis, which reduced the solvency of some companies and fully killed others. After the last changes in customs law delivering the equipment to Ukraine has become more complicated and inconvenient. This was the last straw for me personally and I expected no more  positive changes in this industry in the nearest time. During the last year I was working with my friend who had quitted IT to explore sales and he got nothing from these sales, that is why he started moving me back towards IT sphere. We decided to proceed learning English and choose the directions for the development each of us prefers.

I took English lessons and started reading books on testing, such as “Testing Computer Software” by Cem Kaner, “Testing DOT COM” by Roman Savyn, also Wikipedia and various articles, talking to friends on these topics. When reading those books I understood that at my previous works  I had been  a tester actually all the time.  I examined the equipment, checked whether the defects were anywhere, was interested in every detail of stockshop and it had me wondering why this or that works in one way or another. I realized that I had been keeping together with my PC for many years and I feel at ease with it. This took me to a thought that testing any product related to computertabletphone impresses and interests me. I considered it to be my vocation and prepared my CV. After 8 months of English improving I  starts sending my CV to companies and waited for the reply with some fear of personal interviews. Several companies invited me to interviews but their answer was no. They gave different reasons, for instance, bad technical English skills, lack of web apps testing experience etc. But one day I received a call from QArea company and invited me to work. I was incredibly happy and I still have no regrets. I love testing, I’m glad to gain wide knowledge and experience as I like to find out something new and useful. Thanks to the company for the opportunities it gives me!

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