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How Hard Is Healthcare Software Testing?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 02/3/2015

How Hard Is Healthcare Software Testing?

Is it drastically different from non-healthcare software testing?

Healthcare software testing is extremely important as there are actual lives at stake. Nothing terrible will happen if a game app on an iPhone crashes but all kinds of terrible events may take place when the crash happens at some particular device that is used in a hospital. But is testing all that different? Yes and no is probably the best answer:

Health Risk Mitigation tests

What is being tested during a health risk mitigation session?

What types of tests does such a process involve?

There are also many tests you are used to that did not prove to work in healthcare software testing like stability, regression and exploratory testing. These well-known types of tests have been modified dramatically.

As you have probably noticed testing does prove to be similar in this field of software development yet it is not at all the same and it can never be as there is too much at stake as was noticed above.

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