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How Good QA Can Save Your Business Money

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on 01/14/2020

How Good QA Can Save Your Business Money

Why You Need QA and How It Can Save Your Money

The IT industry’s default management method is (mostly) Agile. One sprint can last for about two weeks and contains a specific list of tasks to be done. Every sprint should comprise five steps of the software testing lifecycle, and some pieces of requirements should be implemented.

Quality assurance needs to be an integral part of every single one of those sprints. Good QA can save your business. Good QA introduced at an early stage of development can even help your business grow faster. 

Here’s how you can help your business succeed in the long run with good QA as a foundational part of your development process. 

Why do you need a QA engineer?

Here are thirteen core responsibilities of the QA engineers:

  1. Analysis and clarification of requirements with the customer or business analysts;
  2. Planning the testing process;
  3. Writing test cases (test scripts);
  4. Functional testing;
  5. Identification of problem areas, their inclusion in the tracking system;
  6. Discussion of fixes with developers;
  7. Tracking the life cycle of errors;
  8. Re-test of fixed defects;
  9. Testing analysis;
  10. Optimization of the testing process;
  11. Analysis of teamwork processes;
  12. Process improvement;
  13. Maintenance of test documentation.

What role does QA play in development?

To find out more about the importance of testing and how to do quality assurance, you can have a look at the significant issues that the role of QA is responsible for.

Prerequisites for the software: We should realize what we are developing and testing, and the degree of this awareness has to be presented in figures. Potential risks or missed problems at the specification level can lead to the most serious and expensive errors.

The quality of the product: It’s necessary to evaluate the attributes of development and program to make forecasts and assess risks. You should know how good and reliable the product is. You should rely not only on the presence or absence of errors found but just predicting whether there are many possible problems.

Features of the QA team: A qualified QA team lead will help the team manage the testing process, plan tests to meet specified production timings, and make sure that the current QA team’s capabilities match the demands of the project.

The qualification of the team: In addition to the quality of the product itself, you need to measure the effectiveness of the QA process and the team. To continually optimize and improve the traits of work, you need to know where you are now – this allows you to move forward and be aware of what makes you slow down the speed.

Feedback and product satisfaction: It’s good to measure the overall degree of satisfaction with the product, highlight trends, and draw appropriate conclusions. Properly selected metrics for this issue will allow you to identify possible problems in time and quickly apply feedback to improve processes.

How do you save money with QA?

Now you’re familiar with the role of engineers in the program development lifecycle. It’s time to consider the value of this position for reducing costs. At TestFort, we believe that it’s better to say that you save your expenses and you pay only for the tasks that bring measurable value to the project.

Here are the ways to save money with the help of QA:

High quality of the product. This phrase comprises all the elements from the right design of the buttons to the smooth navigation, fast request handling and so on. High quality also means that you get the right product that you expected at the very beginning, and you don’t have to remake it.

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