How Does DevOps Improve QA?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 03/2/2015

How Does DevOps Improve QA?

DevOpsAt this point advocating the value of testing and QA is pointless. Everybody has already realized how curtail those processes are to any development project. Still, despite undeniable value these processes are adding many companies are finding testing as something difficult and uncontrollable. Various teams are failing due lack of collaboration.

There are many valuable techniques and methodologies of software testing like service visualization or API testing that were cherished and forged inside the testing process itself. However such tricks require a lot of experience as well as many other factors to be present, most importantly – appropriate communication. And that is exactly what DevOps is about. But those are just words, where are the facts proving DevOps will be of some value to your company? Well, here we go:

  1. An appropriate culture pointed towards quality will be established. Simply forcing appropriate people to behave in a quality oriented way is not enough. The entire company culture requires changes if you are looking forward to delivering solid solutions that won’t break in the hands of your very first users. Competitive pressure is the key to appropriate growth. If your startup exploded with a fabulous idea that has earned you a nice market place one of the most often mistakes would be treating all as granted and not evolving accordingly to the competition. Quality of your solutions is the key factor that will allow your company to keep up with the rest of the gang. If you, as a company do desire to row a culture that is mainly oriented to quality of your services DevOps principles will be irreplaceable.
  2. Tester will be aware about why are they testing with the DevOps. Every single tester working for you requires to be aware of every single business requirement to verify your system. DevOps teaches us testers should partner with the business side of the equation resolving this issue. The business side includes both the business experts as well as the business owner bringing even more value from this kind of collaboration.
  3. DevOps encourages us to support feedback loops that are curtail to functional testing. Such loops exist throughout the entire development life cycle. Literally feedback loops are resolving limitations caused by lack of user interface access.
  4. Testers that are working together, meaning paired with developers have excellent chance of learning a lot about the coding process itself and such an experience boost is nothing but excellent news to everybody on the team. Developers, by the way, will also learn a lot about such important things a s organization and discipline.

Conclusion: DevOps is a great chance for you to improve quality of your solutions. The least you can do is doing an appropriate researches and considering DevOps implementation. In 9 cases out of 10 you will want a piece of that pie after carefully doing your homework.

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