How Do Small Businesses Benefit From Outside Testing?


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Thinking “Do we need any testing?” Think, but not long! A competent testing brings the following advantages for your project:

  • availability of staff: team is formed and ready to perform tasks by the beginning of testing;
  • predictable result: contract form of work requires a clear definition of results;
  • manufacturability: to achieve predictable results performing testing outsourcing company uses special technologies. It organizes all the intermediate stages of testing and is a necessary condition for performing tasks of high-quality;
  • objectivity of results: the test results deserve more credence because an independent team is not interested in hiding the problems found in the information system;
  • the software is developed faster, you do not have to make major changes because of a misunderstanding of requirements or architectural errors;
  • high level of responsibility: the level of responsibility assumed by the foreign company is usually by the order of magnitude higher than the level of responsibility of the individual employee from own testing department. This leads to a significant improvement of all indicators of the results;
  • quality of the product is an excellent foundation for your company’s reputation;
  • early testing can help save costs, correcting errors in the early stages;
  • the project is easier to manage, easier to predict and measure.

However, making a decision on the choice of outsourcing company, the customer should take into account certain criteria. The first group includes criteria related to goodwill of outsourcing company in business sphere. Also an experience of working with partners and other companies, recommendations and reviews of a company, its reputation are a number of factors that can tell a lot about a company. Level of expertise and experience of outsourcing company is very important.

Another group of criteria is closely related to the organizational level of outsourcing company. The organization of the company activity should be structured, clear, transparent, documented, consistent and display work in achieving a certain result. The cost of company’s services also plays an important role.

It is important to know that at the initial stage of cooperation one should place the correct formulation of the problems to the fore. The more outsourcing company will know about the customer and his problems, the more efficient the proposed solution is. Fuzzy setting of outsourcing goals leads to mutual dissatisfaction. If the customer does not know exactly what he wants, even the most successful outsourcing company is unlikely to help him.

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