Hints That State You Suck At Software Testing


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So, yeah, not everybody can be a splendid software tester. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, not everybody can be a doctor or a taxi driver as well. Every single profession requires people fit to do the job right. Alas, not just any job has a myth going around, stating the guys performing software testing get paid for doing nothing. Too many people find out the bitter truth in the hard way.

Sometimes you won’t realize you got yourself cornered until it’s too late, so here are several things, only terrible software testers usually do. If you will be reading through the following notes and you will recognize yourself in them – switch your job, you just make things harder for the entire industry by supporting foul PR floating around QA. If you are into such things you will never achieve much, there will be no personal or career growth in the industry and you will probably end up fired at some point anyway. So either change, or quit, no third option.

Here’s how you make sure you suck at software testing:

  • You are not a real programmer and you use it as your excuse very here and then. I mean, sure, you are not a developer and nobody wants you to develop features from scratch. But this does not at any point mean you don’t (whatsoever) have to learn constantly. You need to understand how software works to test it properly. And pointing out that code is not something you should understand is a) irresponsible, b) stupid. Just like that.
  • Your primary goal is the bug report. You locate a defect and that’s it, simply that fact allows you simply consider your job here is done. How do you guys sleep at night after this? What about some investigations in the environment? After several additional actions you could have ended up with a valid and reproducible report and several other defects covered that were nearly as obvious as the tip of an iceberg that was previously located.
  • You consider everyone but you suck. The code is rubbish, developers are stupid, test plans are repulsive, etc. You should not be doing these here tests; they demand tech skills you personally don’t have so they should be that mysterious ‘other guy’s’ responsibility. Well, guess what? You either go mature from your little personal kindergarten, or out you go.
  • You test everything as a god, but your reports just don’t work. Well, know what? It’s not the reports. Yes your software testing worked, you have located a defect and failed reporting it because you were not investigating, hence you had nothing else to put inside your report accept for the phrase “ something ain’t working”. That is not bad reporting, that’s terrible testing.
  • You play Ping-Pong because one little piece of documentation is not ready yet, and your hands are surely tied without it. Have you ever considered trying to learn the product, toying around with it, getting to know the code, etc. Surely you have some access to the project and you may become involved, but then again, just relax and blame all on absence of documentation because you can – that’s why!. Shame on you!

Now, that I’m done with rage and hatred I would truly like to point out these bullets are not concerning new testers who don’t really have tons of experience yet. They still have the chance to work on mistakes, but if testers consciously do any of those things they should probably just quit. What’s the point of staying and doing things you do not enjoy? Software testing can be enjoyable like any other work, it is all about your attitude!

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