Happy New Year Software Testers and Here Is Why you are and Will Be Awesome!

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 12/31/2014

Happy New Year Software Testers and Here Is Why you are and Will Be Awesome!

Surely it is hard to underestimate true value of testing. And still testing is not at all about tools and methodologies. It’s about testers. Good testers doing their job greatly. Such testers are valued and appreciated throughout the entire world. And our tea, is eager to congratulate all great testers with the upcoming New Year! We are wishing you more patience, creativity, luck, skill and whatever your wishes were for 2015 to come true!

Testers have faced many difficulties over past times and phrases like the ones listed before where what many were hearing every day:

Surely those words ring a bell, right? But if you already have heard them and proved people saying such words wrong you are a great software tester!

But now more and more people are admitting testers are, in fact, the very last line of defense between end-users and the potential failure of the product that was not tested. This is, by default making you of tremendous importance and value to the team. Greatly many managers and business owners are now realizing that fact and are giving you enough credit. And for those who are still confused there is the upcoming 2015 to change their mind, right?

This is leading us to a conclusion future will only be better for software testers with more potential and more capabilities. So head up we go bravely into the New Year! Cheers and all the best to you our friends, Software testers!

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