A Great Practice to Test Billing Functionality


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Functional Testing

If you are considering developing an application with internal billing functionality there are various factors you will have to consider. Testing of such features is vital and required a special approach and a touch of true professionals.

Your testing team has to be experienced in these kinds of practices and you do require maximum possible test coverage and all essential fixes before you even consider publishing your app to the store. So you will require considering the following:

  • Test with existing static responses stores offer you with. Google Play, for example, has reserved product IDs. This is great for your team to test the entire purchasing process with usage of reserved product ID’s rather than using actual ID of your product. No money transfers will be required and your team will not have to stick with any specified payment method.
  • After that step has been taken you will require to test the entire workflow of in-app payment functionality with your actual product ID. Note: you will require to create several test accounts for this as stores will not allow any of your developer account with internal app purchase functionality. After such accounts are created you may continue with testing:
    • Add your testing accounts to your Developer Console. To do so simply log in your Dev Console and hit settings, go to account details and add required e-mails from the License Testing segment.
    • Create a new, signed APK file designed for the inside-app billing functionality. Don’t use the ‘debug’ certificate, go for the final one with your private key.
    • Upload your signed APK inside Dev Console. Then you will have to associate it with one or even several internal products. Small note: this process takes several hours, don’t try testing before everything is uploaded, you will just get error messages.
    • Install the APK on any actual, physical device. Make sure you are with the APL Level 8 and 2.2 SDK version at the very least. Android: versionNameand versionCode from your AndroidMainfiles.xmlvalues have to match the ones of your APK from the Dev Console. And make perfectly sure the app you are willing to install is actually signed with the very same certificate that was used for your uploaded APK.
  • Log inside the test device with your test account. Test everything by purchasing items, and you are done.
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