Give your App A Chance To Survive In The Real World!

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 01/8/2015

Give your App A Chance To Survive In The Real World!

Predict the unpredictable

Predict the unpredictable

Things may get rough when you are providing software testing services. Applications are an important part of our daily lives now. They are used at work or while driving a car for many reasons. Nowadays with Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and similar technologies many places have internet coverage. And if your app is of that kind then testing may be truly difficult as there are many factors to be considered additionally even for the simplest of applications.

Just think about it. Users may try interacting with your solution while in a moving train or subway. It may be insanely hot or cold outside and such temperature will be affecting the device, hence your app. practically anything may be happening. How to assure that your application will be working no matter what?

Testing the untestable

Here are several tips you may gain from while planning your application testing:

Fire dept vehicleHow will your users be interacting with the app? How will it be used? You may, for example be developing an application for a tablet or a laptop that will be used in a fire dept. vehicle. Consider the vehicle driving fast. Consider heat. Consider testing the device the application will be used on. It would not be nice if your app will be crushing at a moment when lives are at stake, right? Especially if that happened due you have not considered device limitations.

Focused on usabilityFocused on usability. Or, at least, pay enough attention to it when considering a test plan. 80% of user acceptance come from usability.

Determine your target audienceDetermine your target audience and make them do some tests as well. Thus you will see the ways users and not developers will be interacting with your solution. Many IT companies are even engaging their users in the up front design. Very short sessions that will be growing as more functional is being added should do the trick. This technique works best with interface design.

standard APIsA tiny tip is that standard APIs are actually great and sticking to them will save you from a lot of effort while regression and maintenance.

Of course no man may consider all possibilities, yet clear and careful thinking through may indeed assist with or event prevent majority of them.

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