Getting better at software testing and finding defects quicker

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 03/1/2012

Getting better at software testing and finding defects quicker

This post will include two things: an advice (simple one) and a request. But the request is going to be challenging. So if are interested in challenges that can be met in testing web apps, then you will like this challenge too.

So first let’s start with the advice. For sure, most of you already know the following: “Finding defects to finding defects quicker” But sometimes there is a need in stating and explaining obvious. That is what is happening in testing – stating and explaining obvious defects, isn’t it? The reason for doing this is that some obvious things are not obvious for all obviously.

Software testing can be admitted as a kind of profession that requires skills. That is you are getting better at this profession with practice. So experience plays a key role. But it is important to mention, that doing testing from day to day is not the same thing as practising with the conscious aim to advance in it.

Among the most interesting parts in this job is finding a defect. However, the problem is that frequently we can’t spend much time on testing, even if we would wish to. What can be done for improving our skills in software testing? Where could we practise with the conscious aim?  Where could we find defects to find them quicker?

There are some advices you can follow for improving the skills in software testing, but outside your everyday job:

1. Try participating in different testing events which happen at weekends. Most probably this is the top effective method for improving the knowledge at software testing. You are able to find such testing chapters as Weekend Testing and WeekNight for Europe, America, Australia and India. Regardless of the place in the world where you are, you are able to find something that is convenient and closer for you.

Participation in Weekend Testing meetings is one of the most effective ways to improve your skills at software testing. Every week you are given an opportunity to try testing various applications, and an important thing to mention is that it’s a practical benefit, which means a really precious experience. Moreover, you get an indispensable experience from watching other people testing, trying to understand what kind of approach they use and what special features make them better testers. The only thing you should feel is interest and motivation, other skills will come eventually.

Try participating and networking in the local testers gatherings. By the way, in India and London such gatherings and free conferences are held every month and have gained general popularity. You are provided with an opportunity to get to know lots of interesting folks and as the result adopt their practices. You can’t even imagine that only be sharing some of your resting stories with other people, you can learn so many things!

2. Try to pay more attention at Online Participate in software testing club, SGA forums and other online platforms, LinkedIn Group, or even mailing lists. Take notice of what people usually ask and what responses do they get from folks. It is very important to get knowledge from other people’s experience.

Also a good advice is to use twitter. You need following #softwaretesting to find out what people think and say about software testing under the current circumstances. This can be really great for networking, conversation and quick tips.

If this blog is the first blog which you are reading (or you have read just a couple before), then start doing it more often. You can find a lot of interesting information in free publications devoted to software testing.

So let’s change the subject: we are moving to the second part of this post which is a challenging request. Most probably you’ve heard about iCheckWebsite. This is a special service intended for extremely easy checking Accessibility, SEO Goodness and some other functional basic issues at other websites. The whole system has lots of interesting components.


Rule Engine:



Account Management:

So what about the challenge?

This service is functioning already; and you even have an opportunity to try its free version by executing a thousand of tests for checks which refer to Accessibility, SEO goodness and basic quality at any site. You have to look for defects in iCheckWebsite when giving a guarantee of not crossing the quantity of credits reserved for you.

So if you are interested in testing web apps – there is a very beneficial offer for you. A hundred of credits will be added to your account for each defect you’ll find.  It sounds nice, doesn’t it? Besides, you also make a contribution to the improvement of the product. You need to send these defects to the administration, and specify your first and last name or username.

You are able to use iCheckWebsite for performing sanity testing automatically with free credits, if you are not only related to testing websites but also have got any releases in the odd hours.

In case you are involved in content or platform migrations and feel necessity in checking sanity of the whole website, you have a right to fulfill these tasks with free credits. Finally, any kind of “testing outside” is a wonderful opportunity for improving your skills at finding the defects.

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