Get Yourself Some Super Powers! 5 Techniques To Make Your Brain Work In Supreme Mode While Testing (part 1 of 5)


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Being awesome is easy

What was I to include into my quality assurance test?

There is a great list of hacks you may cheat your brain with in order to gain aces to its supreme possibilities. Some of the techniques mentioned below will indeed improve your tester abilities and your life in general, if you wish.

The stuff I’ll be writing about was tested by actual doctors wearing all that white stuff with glasses and scalpels and whatever them doctors possess. So their conclusion was that everything works (in theory). Don’t sweat it, nobody’s getting injured, this trip to awesome-town is as safe as it gets. You still may have too much fun, yet you’ve been warned. Additional note: No animals were harmed during tests.

Lousy event 1

Did you know you are bad with memorizing lists? I know you are, so am I. If I’m to go to a store (I won’t even be mentioning any work related lists here) because I need bread and two other things I will return home with a new Pokémon CD, some salami and you know what? I guess you know where’s this headed? Right, no bread!

Brain Hack 1

Did you ever notice how great your mind is with various locations? You do remember all those stores around you, cinemas, cafes, etc. You won’t get lost in your home town. That’s called evolution. And it may be used to your advantage (without mentioning the fact we are now off the trees and are now pealing our bananas). The actual hack is visualization of places and routs you know well. It may sound crazy yet all those memory champion guys or whatever you call them are constantly using this hack.

How it should look like? Picture your root from let’s say work to home (as if that ever happens). And, if sticking with the shopping list your office will be bread, the homeless man with the ‘End is near’ sign will be milk, the bus station with the yogurt commercial will be , who would of guessed, yogurt. Use some extra imagination for it to work better. As amazing as it sounds the more ridiculous the route gets the better you are at memorizing the list so if the homeless dude will be wrapped up with bandages like an Egyptian mummy creep you won’t forget some toilet paper as well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and if you are looking for more hacks please not that in comments. I’ll keep writing them until you are the new x-men testers, trust me, as long as you want them.

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