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This will be basic walkthrough testing in general with my general thoughts of the process I do feel like writing now as, in my opinion reminding ourselves well known facts may be of use to everybody at anytime and anywhere. Basically this is a general reminder of what testers are to achieve while doing their job.

What is Design for?

Generally design is the mean for your software to be easily usable by everybody from its target audience. Many factors are to be considered for the design to be good. Sure your app is to be attractive but a pretty face is not all it takes as your software or a website needs to be used to meet any goals or to resolve some of user’s issues. And many truly beautiful things may be confusing or even eyesore. And in the world where there is lots of available software and resources that are given away for free on every corner your design needs to go way beyond beauty to have a fighting chance.

What needs to be tested here?

A tester needs to become the user while testing design. A tester is to think as a user, to act like a user, to be the user if he wishes to do his job fine. Things to pay most attention to:

  • Is all understandable?
  • Is all intuitive?
  • Is all looking good?
  • Are there possible confusions from the user side?
  • Is all cumbersome?

What do people mean by functionality?

Basically Functionality is pretty much… eh, functionality? Whether all is working on its best and in the way it was supposed to without broken links or error messages. That is pretty much all that may be said about proper functionality if you ask me.

What needs to be tested here?

Applications and websites are constantly growing and improving themselves by adding new features and functionality and all that magnificence requires to be tested. Here you are to…

  • Use functional testing to determine all of the new feature’s code is working as planned and is granting gust the functionality it is supposed to.
  • Making sure new code is not effecting the parts of the application that were already functioning before new features or updates were implemented.

Performance, what now?

It’s not only about what your software does. It’s about how it does it as well and will your app or a website handle ten users taking full advantage of its functionality? How about a hundred then, or a thousand? And does it manage all those requests in considerable time periods users are willing to wait? You are probably getting where is all this headed to, right?

What needs to be tested here?

You are to remember to test your app on:

  • All available devices
  • All available OS’s
  • All available browsers
  • And to be sure all is as fast performing as possible despite heavy loads of users or traffic.

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