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Fuzzing Tools You Will Love Having On Your Web App Projects

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 02/27/2015

Fuzzing Tools You Will Love Having On Your Web App Projects

Web application security testing may prove challenging. Luckily there are many tricks invented by now by creative and dedicated testers like, let’s say, fuzzers. What are security fuzzers? Fuzz testing tools designed to appropriately provide various random data inside the app parameters.

If we are talking web testing tools should be aimed at parameter format checks, buffer overflows as well as error and encoding management. POST and GET methods are commonly used for performing such tests however there are no strict limitations and you are free to use whatever your server supports. And here is a nice and handy list of tools that may and will assist you in fuzz testing your web application security.

Hope you will enjoy testing even more with these bad boys!

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