Functionality Web Testing: What To Do & Not To Forget?


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A bit of practical knowledge and somebody’s experience is never a bad thing. Especially when it’s about something relevant and important in your daily job. So how are you performing Web Testing? You may have some techniques and tricks of your own, yet I’d like to share with the way I’m usually handling such things.

Where to begin with? Oh, I got it, a checklist! What shall I do first?

That looks like a plan to me, yet we will require to get a bit deeper into every single aspect. Unfortunately there is not too much space to include all that in one post still, there will be others.  Let’s begin with a bit of Functionality Testing.

Functionality Testing

What will we be doing here? I’d begin with checking on database connections, then I’d go with checking if all the links are operating accordingly, afterwards there will be some work with forms that are used for communicating with the user and cookie testing. But that’s only in general. If we are to be more precise we are to:

  • Link checking
    • Let’s begin with internal links. Are they all O.K.?
    • Then we are to deal with the links that are jumping on the same page.
    • Now to the outgoing links that are from the specified domain under test.
    • How’s e-mailing to the administrator link functioning? How’s mailing in general?
    • Are there some orphan pages? We’ll need to find out.
    • Then go through all the mentioned above looking for broken links.
  • Test the forms in all the pages
    • Check and double-check all the validations on every field
    • Are there any default fields or values?
    • Is there any wrong input to the forms and fields?
    • If you have form creating options then go through them all
  • Cookie testing
    • Test the app by playing with the cookies (enable and disable them) from your browsers.
    • Be sure they are encrypted.
    • How is the login session?
    • How the user stats are after the session is over?
    • Watch for the effect cookies are having on the apps security after being deleted.
  • HTML/CSS validation
    • This step is of high importance for Search Engine Optimization. Make sure you are rid of all HTML syntax errors
  • Test your Database
    • Edit, modify, delete, do any DB related stuff and check how data integrates and whether there are any errors while you are committing those actions.
    • Are all the DB queries executing as planned? Is all the data retrieved and updated in the appropriate way?
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