All You Really Need To Know When Considering a Freelancer Software Tester Job as Your Profession

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 01/29/2015

All You Really Need To Know When Considering a Freelancer Software Tester Job as Your Profession

What’s meant under Freelance Software Testing?

What are people called freelance testers doing for a living? Verifying software quality without leaving their home, or their own office or even a software testing consultancy. Sounds like a dream job? Well if it was that amazing everybody would be doing it, right?

So basically tasks are not very different from what ordinary software testing sessions require. There is a software product developed that requires testing. And you are to test it against all required specifications and required qualities. You are also to verify all is working just as expected. Meaning testers seek out loopholes and bugs via testing product functions under different reasonable as well as several not reasonable circumstances.

Does a freelancer require qualifications?

A degree in computer sciences will be of assistance yet it is much of a necessity. Still such a degree will be of assistance when CSTE and CMST certification exams conducted by the Quality Assurance Institute are what you are looking for. The catch is that they require minimal work experience from applicants and when you already have a degree that requirement is reduced to two years, when without it necessary experience demanded may be up to entire 8 years.

How much may be earned?

Depends on the project you are working at. And the project type as well as it’s complexity determine how much cash you will be putting in your back pocket this week. And counting the entire amount of money you have earned is not an easy task as well. You will require to know the amount of hours you have spent on a project, the expenses for tests you have been running and your remuneration. You may also loose project or simply fail and you will receive no payments. And there are always bills you have to pay, right? Although all’s not that scary. It just requires a little bit of experience and you will get used to challenges and will be able of overcoming them with ease and grace.

What will I be responsible for?

2 criteria are the center of all a freelancer tester is doing. Validation and Verification. Verification purposes include checking if software is built in a way it was truly supposed to and validation is testing if software is doing what is was designed to. This may not seem as that much of a work but it is, trust me. You will require deep knowledge of the product specifications, you will require assessing the target audience as they are the only ones capable of designing a right functionality test model. Black Box and White Box testing are also to be in your skill-list as you will be doing a lot of debugging. There are many more tricks you have to be skilled with like fuzz testing and model-based testing, boundary value analysis, etc., etc.

Is it worth it?

It depends. The process is hard and energy-consuming. And it takes a special character and mindset to take a freelancer tester work as you are not only concerning about granting quality of the project. It’s not only tests we are talking about. You will be your own attorney, accountant, marketer and manager. But that is still a hell of a job if you are 100% up to it.

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