Free Online Tools That Will Rock Your WP Site’s Cross-Browser Useful Compatibility Tests


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Does my WordPress site even need any compatibility testing?

WordPress is a great CMS, a nice resource powering various famous websites. It provides users with various features and themes and so much more. But nothing in this world is perfect. And variety may bring chaos. Not literally of course yet there are various nuances in different WordPress themes that may be displayed differently by popular browsers and may not even be displayed in the less used ones.  But even if theme design is left apart there may still be various cross-browser compatibility issues.

The hard way

If you are already going to test compatibility of your site or blog running on WordPress you may try downloading a lot of different browsers and to open your site in every single one of those little weasels to spot possible defects and differences. This way you will get a nice chance to find out more about user experience of your visitors a little bit better. But there are surely more productive ways to perform such testing. There are tools designed for such particular purposes.

Free online tools that will help with testing compatibility on all kinds of browsers

The following is a list of tools that are free to use and will help you dramatically with your useful cross-browser testing sessions:

  • Browser Shots. A really popular tool for balanced cross-browser testing. Actually tests are going on as easy as simply entering a URL and clicking on all browsers you’re willing to test your website on. After test are done you will have screenshots at your disposal. One nicer thing about this tool is that tests may be run with your theme scripts both enabled and disabled.
  • Browser Sandbox. This tool includes top five browsers: Chrome and Opera, Safari and Firefox as well as Internet Explorer. What may be noted about this tool is that it operates really fast at testing. It also allows you with features that are running tests on various browser versions, which is nice.
  • Cross Browser Testing. This is a tool that provides quite a pack of options for your tests from OS to Browser versions. Surely it is of its best when premium plan is enabled, but the free features are nice as well.


These are a few web testing tools you may use with ease and to your benefit. Surely more sophisticated testing sessions will require much more effort and knowledge, yet these tools should be enough if you simply want to test your home-made blog or website powered with WP.

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