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There are many software testing and QA companies, which deliver QA solutions based on principles of fruitful cooperation and help enterprises of any size and orientation to cover their testing needs efficiently. They can support software product as during its development as after it will go to the production. However, there may be thousands, and which one to choose is not always an easy task. In this post, we would like to present you our top of software testing companies which provide robust and advanced QA services.


GreenSQA is a large international QA company with more than 15 years of experience in delivering reliable and progressive testing services, which has successfully implemented about 18000 projects. They work as with big corporations as with startups, ensuring them the proper information systems operation and minimizing risks concerning the software implementation. The company uses cutting-edge technologies and QA tools in its work and also preaches principles of flexibility and transparency in its internal processes. They also pay great attention to the particular needs of their clients and use Agile flexible methodologies.


QualityLogic is another big international software testing company, founded at Boise, U.S. and at the moment has 200+ high-grade professionals, including QA experts, project managers, and analysts. The company provides efficient testing solutions for enterprises of any size and orientation and has comprehensive expertise related to the QA problems concerning the innovative technologies as AR/VR, IoT, APIs, 3D print systems, and more.   

The QualityLogic team builds trusting and long-lasting partnerships with their clients, so among its clients are Fortune 100 Media brands, Fortune 500 Biotech Pharmaceuticals organizations, and others. The company internal processes are based on the principles of openness and flexibility, thus Agile is the most used management methodology within QA teams.


TestFort is one of the largest software testing companies in Eastern Europe. It includes two business offices in Malta and U.S. and the main office at Kharkiv, Ukraine, where are gathered the high-class QA engineers and testers (over 100+ specialists). During the 18 years of proven work, the company has developed a comprehensive and robust attitude towards the quality of their testing services. They successfully implemented more than 800 projects, among which are QA solutions for Skype, HuffPost, Dashlane, etc.

The company applies advanced and proven methods for both manual and automated testing and also widely uses the capabilities of cloud computing environments. The company also had the fruitful cooperation with QArea software development company and DueFocus product, and helped them to become the first mid-sized company in Ukraine with the 3 level of CMMI maturity.

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DeviQA is another Ukrainian independent software testing and quality assurance company based in Kharkiv. During the 8 years on the market, the company has gathered more than 200 high-quality specialists who apply their expertise in the testing and supporting of various types of software. They use proven management approaches and QA tools, including Nightmare, Selenium, Calabash, Appium, Xamarin, Jenkins, Bamboo, Kahlan, and other.

One of the main advantages of the company among competitors is the excellent ratio of services quality and reasonable prices.The rates start from 25$ per hour and vary depending on a project complexity. The company has an exceptional team of managers and preaches clear and transparent communication with clients. DeviQA values its employees and clients most of all, and as a result, has a stable reputation in the market. Clutch included the company to the list of best software testing firms in 2018, where DeviQA got 5/5 Stars in the overall rating. Among their clients are SoftNas, WeHeartIt, Simple Practise, TechSee, and many others.


iBeta was founded in Denver, Colorado, and now is one of the most reputed software testing company in the U.S. They cultivate the idea of innovative approaches in testing and employees high-grade QAs, managers, and analytics specialists from all over the world. During its successful growth, the company implemented projects of varying complexity and across different industries, applying such QA services as web and mobile testing, code review and software products support, browser and hardware compatibility testing, etc. The main value of the company is security, transparency, and cost-efficient solutions which they provide for their clients. iBeta posses the testing lab fully equipped by the innovative devices and hardware to test every application with the great responsibility and thoroughly.

We will be glad if our mini-review will help you to make the right choice. If you have more suggestions or any feedback, our team is always ready to answer any of your questions.

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