First Comes Strategy, Then Regression!


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Regression Testing

What is an effective regression testing strategy to include? 

Strategy for the regression testing:

  1. Get certain with what you need to do and how it should be done. Implement regression testing every single time new functionality was added to the project if you are looking for a top quality solution of high security standards. New or modified code may be well tested with tests you have already used in order to make sure all that was correct earlier is correct now. But this does not mean new tests are not needed. Bugs are to be fixed, but such actions may lead to new bugs so consider this while planning regression tests.
  2. Set up all the requirements. Make sure all was decided with participation from the business side as well as development and testing departments so there are no unconsidered issues emerging. Only such deep collaboration will lead creation of best fitting test cases. This is to be considered and agreed with mutual effort so determining required time and resources is possible.
  3. What will be your regression’s entry criteria? In other words when do testers begin testing? The minimum condition set required to commence regression testing is to include
    1. confirmation of the defect being repeatable
    2. the defect is properly documented
    3. a record for tracking regression efforts has been opened
    4. regression tests are being created with respect to the defect.
  4. After the entry criteria it is but rational to consider an exit criteria. This is the very opposite to what has been noted above as it is basically a proper amount of data that will be enough to consider the testing phase may be closed. This part, in turn, must consist of
    1. being positive on the fact that 100% of required tests are through with,
    2. the same with code coverage,
    3. no critical bugs are left without a fix or a test,
    4. being 100% positive all the areas of high-risk have been covered.
  5. Follow a schedule. Nothing may top that in the cruel world of software development when any second is critical to business.


So here is a regression testing plan, your future strategy,  all are free to use if you are eager in providing testing services of the highest quality, that is.

Realizing the importance of providing service on agreed terms, we consider all possible risks and provide efficient solutions for all possible risks and provide efficient solutions.


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