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Factors That Must Influence Your Choice of Automation Tools

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 05/18/2015

Factors That Must Influence Your Choice of Automation Tools


Imagine its WW3 and you are in the middle of the combat, which weapons would you prefer? Considering it’s 2015 I believe you would choose some latest developments of weaponry, armory and intelligence like Google Glass tech integrated inside your helmet an connected to your rifle so you can easily shoot from a corner without exposing yourself to danger in the line of fire. Your equipment will determine your survival.

The same goes for choice of tools you will automate QA processes with. They are either great or you and your business will be toast. Here are several factors you must pay close attention to in order to succeed:

This seem like quite a list, does it not? But, if you wish to succeed you can’t neglect paying attention to any of the factors listed above, or you can outsource automation to companies who already possess all required equipment.

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