Everyday Combat or Toughest Challenges Testers Face


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Testers deal with quite a pack of challenges straight after morning coffee. We constantly fight of lack of time, materials, tools and resources. Considering QA has been hot for quite a while now a decent community was built around it with some great minds resolving most issues testers may face in their daily activities. We have lots of trends, practices and methodologies today that are a great solution to almost every issue.

But you can’t deal with a solution, right? Today some of our greatest achievements prove to be more and more difficult. Here is a brief list of things any tester overcomes on a daily basis, things that are unresolvable with pro-active measures, things we already are used and can’t live without, we are addicted to the following challenges, and every last tester is!

The biggest challenges:

  • Mobile technologies are amazingly big today. Every year more than 1.5 billion smartphones are being sold. They all differ. Some run Android OS, others work on iOS. Some have wide screens whilst others are considerably small. Firmware, software, hardware are never the same literally transforming one app that works flawlessly on Android 3.4 into a madness of pain and defects when Lollipop is involved.
  • Agile development is in trend for a reason. And while there is no much need in describing benefits of such an approach agile environments are extremely challenging to testers. Did you know that now 93% of companies worldwide use agile?! But testers are stuck with insanely fast cycles, faster build, and less documentation. This is highly unusual and testers don’t simply track defects anymore, they must become the user’s advocate.
  • Big Data testing is insanely difficult to test considering it’s either semi-structured or even has no structure whatsoever. Automation and visualization prove to be of most troublesome processes as they demand colossal skill and experience to be managed properly. Big Data tests are required in real-time which only delivers more pain.
  • The following issue has always been there for as long as testing exists: we constantly lack resources. Various companies tend not to pay proper attention to trainings and improvement of QA specialist levels. Then there are different sets of tools required for multiple purposes like usability or security that are expensive, hence are not always there. We don’t face this problem at Testfort but, then again, we are a company that specializes on QA. I’ve been a tester in quite a few companies by now and I do know this issue remains unresolved within many businesses that are not as QA oriented.

What is the worst part about all these challenges? They are not defects that may be easily fixed, they are parts of the reality we live in and all we can do is fight. But that only makes my job more interesting for who in QA does not love a good challenge?

Realizing the importance of providing service on agreed terms, we consider all possible risks and provide efficient solutions for all possible risks and provide efficient solutions.


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