Ensuring Effective Regression Testing in 5 Ways


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Regression testing is essential as it aims to find failures in the product after code changes, support of new environment or product release.

By regression testing, you also ensure user confidence assessing if the product’s new version is better than the previous one. Although many companies still ignore its necessity and fail to run product tests after the release, this testing stage should not be overlooked.

Below are 5 accepted ways to perform regression testing of your product.

1. Run all existing tests
This means that all the tests written and run before should be rerun after the release. However, especially if they all are manual, testers are going to have a huge pile of work. Probably you don’t have that much time and resources to be wasted. The fact that it’s impossible to perform 100% overall testing of the product also adds to this.

2. Run tests with high risk
In this method you should take into consideration the tests presenting the most value to your business users. Mostly such tests are those having to do with functionality and the most frequent activities of the business users. It’s not excessive to also note that with product changes the key processes may vary as well. Allot 30-40% of total regression time for tests with high risk depending on other things that need testing.

3. Testing high-defect features
You can as well tests high defect areas of the product, often highly complex areas. Usually complex is the feature that includes sophisticated calculations or integrates with other applications. The functionalities having many past defects also come within this set.

4. Exploratory testing
It is about building test case design along with its execution. In the course of building and execution of these tests you can discover problems within the application that will drive your following tests.

5. Automation testing
You may cut the test number to be run manually by automating them. For quick execution, use automation tools which reduce time for test running greatly. However, be sure that you’ve put aside some time for developing automation scripts. Also note that in case of environment changes they will need respective updates.

Use these 5 methods to run regression testing and ensure the high quality of your product.

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