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Software development process is pretty much like New York City. It never sleeps. Actually, the total of 70% time spent on software is spent on its maintenance as well as various different improvements of the original piece. Whether its web regression testing we are talking about or app testing or any other kind of regression it does not matter. Such tests are important thus have to be as effective as they can get.

Lots may be changed within both features as well as requirements. This may, indeed, become a real pain for testers and especially to regression the mentioned testers were about to use. That’s exactly when automation is to enter the stage. Then, with the automated regression test suites better test coverage is what may be expected. But is all gold that glitters?

Sure automation is a great idea if talking regression. And still maintaining regression test suits may be quite a challenge. There are several things that may affect effectiveness like:

  • Test suit enhancements may be getting out of synchronization with the remaining parts of the product
  • The suite tests have just been added to is of short-term perspective

How to become more effective?

Being effective is a skill you are to master. Here are some tips that may assist you with achievement of such a hard goal.

  • RTS or Regression Test Selection is quite a popular and commonly used methods. It allows you with great potential in test case optimization. You are to divide your test suits into test cases you will be able of reusing and obsolete test cases as well as retestable cases. You are also to create several new test cases that, in turn, will be testing the app for areas not currently covered by prepared test cases. This may sound hard yet the method is commonly used and is showing some nice results.
  • One more thing you can do for all to remain as effective as possible is having a great tracking mechanism in-between the features currently under development. The activity has no choice but being consistent as that is the only way of maintaining test suits in the most effective way. Test manager will be assisted with verification of the feature checklist and validation of the test coverage.
  • What else may be useful? Metrics as they always are there to help. Gathering and analyzing appropriate data is just what one might need in order to make a regression test suit more efficient and effective. Knowledge is power and if you can see some dynamics it is automatically within your power to have influence on them. All kinds of data like, let’s say, the total amount or percentage of bugs found per one regression may tell you much and even more.
  • This bullet will be coming straight from the previous one. How may one find the root cause of effectiveness reduction in regression test suits? By measuring the mentioned suits on a release-to-release basis.
  • Monitoring the way tests are being added to the test suit is important as well. If they are too long or too big you are to consider optimizing them from the start.

If all is done well your regressions will be getting better by the day and new skills will be mastered as well.

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