Do You Require A Dedicated Team For Your Project?


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Testing & QA


Software testing projects differ one from another and so are the applications under tests. This means no single approach may work perfectly for every case. Let’s take dedicated teams for example, how do does this model differ from the project-based one? If we are talking of the project-based model any software will be built and tested from scratch, however release states the end to all activities from both the development and the QA side. If any updates or new features are required the merry-go-round starts again up until a newer version of the product is being released.

But, if you are aware of your project’s complexity and are aware of majority pitfalls and dangers you will be facing a dedicated team would work better. Development and testing are considered as a process with no exact frames meaning countless iteration may be done in multiple areas. As the name states this model is team-centric rather than keeping focus on the product under test as the main tool of orientation.

When Dedicated Teams should be your choice?

If you are looking for a series of rapid releases of a product fit for use after every sprint and you are looking up to easy updates of features, add-ons and functionality you should go for the Dedicated Team model. A continuous release cycle allows better collaboration as well as vast feedback support. Payment is considered after every release, very much like with the time-and-materials testing and development model.

You get pretty much every key aspect of why people consider QA outsourcing:

  • No need of arranging your own QA teams
  • No need of wasting extra materials, time and budget on hiring a full-time team
  • No need for setting up required testing environments supported with necessary tools and equipment
  • No training or educating sessions are required
  • In-house teams are expenses that constantly rise, unlike teams you are outsourcing QA to

Dedicated Teams allow fast testing and further support during the entire project flow an after every release. If your project requires such attitude you know what you need now!

Ensure the smooth functionality of your software projects by hiring experienced and highly qualified QA engineers and software testers. Get in touch below.


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