Difference Between QA & QC


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Testing & QA

In the current situation of increasing competition the company success and even its ability to stay on the market depend primarily on the timely supply of products which corresponds to standards of world quality assurance and control. The competitiveness of each organization, regardless of its form of ownership, size and any other features, depends directly on the level of product quality and the adequacy of its value with the exposed quality, that is, on the extent to which the customers are satisfied.

Facing with QA and QC terms many people become confused. Even companies can often hardly explain the difference and most of them use these terms as alternatives. Quality Assurance is closely to Quality Control but nevertheless these are different concepts. Both of them are necessary for successful management of risks and effective software development and maintaining of it, but it is still important to understand what the difference is.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance refers to a range of activities aimed at making deliverables. A customer, a manager of the company or a third-party consultant can perform it. Process checklists, standards development and strategy as well as audit of the project can be all referred to QA examples.

Quality Control

Quality Control means quality related processes connected with making project deliverables. The objective of QC is to ensure that the quality of the made deliverables is up to the mark, to check their completeness and correctness. Testing and peer reviews of deliverables are the examples of QC.

Quality control deals with observance of the requirements. The term is generic which means that it does not relate to the particular requirements of the designed product.

Activities connected with Quality assurance are usually defined before the production process begins. Thus these activities are usually performed whereas the product is in the stage of development. Activities connected with Quality control on the contrary are usually performed when the product has been already developed.

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