DevOps + QA: How? When? Why?


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Testing & QA


Value of appropriate QA does not need to be negotiated not advocated. Everyone has realized quality is a necessity by today. But achieving it is a tricky task indeed. Quality became one of largest motivations in the world of IT that constantly grows and matures. Such known and already common practices like Agile development were born out of thirst for better solutions that meet requirements and are both secure and solid. And yet businesses still thirst for an even better approach towards QA and QC.

DevOps practices, principals and methodologies actually make a perfect fit inside decent QA procedures. Improvements in collaboration and especially in communication between all parties involved in development tend to skyrocket quality as testers know exactly what to validate as well as everything business owners mean by requirements. DevOps allows to teach business values to engineers and vice versa. And this means dramatic boosts in terms of quality.

It’s all about the culture

All men are equal. Well, at least in expression their opinion they are. Or with asking meaningful questions, this shift in your corporate standards seem like a really big deal, however it’s totally worth all investments. Combine this professional equality with a culture of quality where only finest results are considered legit. Evolution is the process where the fittest survive. However it’s not the strongest players that win in the long run, but those capable of taking a punch and adapting to existing environments. Thus aim at delivering ultimate quality in everything you do and don’t be afraid of possible damage.

Adapt to your new ecosystem

DevOps and the quality ecosystem this methodology can deliver is not something you are used to. Almost all of today’s solutions are complex enough that they are being built in their own ecosystems. Such systems are overfilled with high expectations, pressure from competitors, regulatory requirements and so much more. Meeting all those demands and investing thousands of dollars makes it hard to gain profit from software development for too many businesses. And all mentioned events and happenings will not change while development is considered as a constant race for delivery of new functionality despite all possible risks. Thirst for quality over speed and quantity must be there from the beginning. When you choose to deliver via some new technology weight all possible pros and cons and develop wisely while testing every single stage. Some best tips here would be:

  • Unit testing
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Implementation of mentioned technologies is indeed more expensive from the start and your product will require larger investments of both time and resources. But there is an X-factor: ROI. One line of code is roughly worth $3. When defects are spotted early they require less code from fixes and that saves your dollars. When defects are spotted before they are deeply integrated into your functionality due they were overseen 5 builds ago – they will require less time to be fixed. This here math is as simple as that. And are you ready to embrace quality?

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