What Do Our Developers Have To Say About Software Testers?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 03/2/2015

What Do Our Developers Have To Say About Software Testers?

Every tester is probably aware of the stereotype that developers hate testers. But does that statement have any ground underneath? Is that the bitter truth every tester will have to deal with every single day at the job place? We were curios and did a little research. The simplest way would be to just ask developers and so we did. Here are our results:

There was this time back at the day when I first met and worked with a tester on a project. We were developing some kind of a news website then and the firm hired several testers to try things out. It was quite some time ago, when testers were as rare as unicorns in IT companies. So I was going through the very first report I got from a software tester in my life and all I could see is that the person clearly does not understand the product. He just found so many defects, most of them so small that it seemed they were nothing but irrelevant. But there were several real bugs he found that mattered a lot. It took some time before I realized that the size of the issue does not matter. I want my code to be perfect. Until this day I am grateful to that tester for planting the seeds of this thought inside my brain.

Sam Nichols, Senior Architect

Actually the parts testers are not understanding in the product are the most valuable ones. That’s the view of the end user in its purest form. Software’s just not entirely about code, logic and algorithms.  We are looking to deliver people something they will be using with ease. Something of value to users. If it wasn’t for testers then software today would be something only real geeks may use.

Michael Schetkin, Team Lead

I always want to get feedback and reports from testers first. I am aware how painful it is when somebody is saying bad things about the code you have loved, cherished, spent hours on but that is a necessity today. After all we all have a thirst for perfection. And I, today, wish to find out about all the nasty things first. Then only I will share all the updates with the team.

Servey Vachlov, Team Lead

All names have been changed in this article because of a request from our developers. Their pride can’t take the punch of admitting they all need and love software testers.

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