A Nice Little Cross-Browser Tools review


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There is a large amount of various Cross-Browser testing tools existing. You may be looking for a web application testing tool or something of a different kind.Some tools are free, some take a fee. Some are good with one things and tasks, the others support a larger amount of browsers. Which one to choose? Not an easy decision to make, right? It’s quite easier to decide when you know all about them. And are choosing the right one for the task, hence there is still no ultimate solution existing.

If we look on the tools under a magnifying lenses it will be clear that pro developers, for example, will never choose (or, at least, it’s unlikely for them) BrowserShots hence the time it is taking to respond is way over any time limits, that tend to be crucial in projects. And the few browsers supported will probably eliminate SuperPreview as well as Browsera from their toolbox.

BrowserLab is nice by all means yet all the rumors about the fact they are shortly going to charge a fee for this tool are not seemingly cooling down for a while now, despite its developers claim the tool will remain free.

If you wish to choose wisely than you will have to know what are you going to test, an app or a Web service. Web-based tools do not need to be installed. As for me it is hardly an advantage yet some people choose them because of that (totally not getting why). Apps do have significantly better response time and interface. They also may be used for some debugging measures.

The following tools are nice by all means yet they are expensive. BrowserCam is probably what you need if you are to test some mobile browsers. Multi-Browser Viewer and BrowserSeal will do for the rest. They both do include some standalone versions of browsers and the value of that fact cannot be neglected in the testing prospective. The pitfall is both of them love Windows so if you are a Mac user they are pointless as well. Still BrowserCam as well as BrowserLab are here to support you on your Mac’s. You are into automation? Go for the BrowserSeal.

Feel confused? Then there is a tablet for your better understanding below:

Special featuresBrowsers that are supportedPrice per YearCapture SpeedInterfaceCapture delayAuthenticationScroll bars
BrowserShotsnoneIE, Firefox, , Opera, Safari, Chrome Dilo, SeaMonkey, , Epiphany, Minefield, Flock, Galeon, , K-Meleon and Avant, Netscape and Kazehakase, Konqueror, Shireteko, , Iceweaselfree~ 45 minNot so goodNonenoneNone
BrowserCamMobile browser support and remote access serviceIE, Firefox, , Opera, Safari, Chrome Konqueror, , Netscape, Camino, AOL$999.95~ 2 minNicePresentPresentPresent
BrowsreLabNoneIE as well as Firefox, and Safari and Chromefree~ 1 minNicePresentNoneBuggy
SuperPreviewNoneIE, Safari, Firefox$149~ 1 minNiceNoneNonePresent
BrowserSealStandalone browser versions and automation scripts supportIE, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox$49~ 1 minNicePresentPresentPresent
LitmusNoneIE, Firefox as well as Chrome, Safari, Flock, Opera, Camino and SeaMonkey, Netscape$588~ 5 minFairly basicnonePresentNo
MultiBrowser ViewerStandalone browser versionsIE and Firefox, Chrome and Opera, Flock, Safari, SeaMonkey as well as Netscape and K-Meleon, Camino, Epiphany and Kazehakase, Konqueror$129.952 minnoneNoneNoneBuggy
BrowseraRecursive crawlingIE, Firefox, Safari$5883 minNiceNonePresentPresent
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