Clutch Has Released a List of Top 10 QA Service Providers


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Clutch, a research company headquartered in Washington, dc has recently released a fine list of leading software testing and QA service providers based on their market presence, customer reviews, portfolios and customer reviews. Research was built on Clutch’s Leaders matrix Methodology and companies were judged in such domains as:

  • Ability to deliver finest results. QA is business where actual results value most as both software users and business owners depend on reliable solutions. Thus Clutch researched this ability based on several metrics and data harvested form:
    • Customer reviews and testimonials spotted either on company site or in other resources as blogs, social media, forums, etc.
    • Actual experience through portfolios and highlighted case studies display types of projects companies handled and how they have managed.
    • Types of clients: this metric defines whether businesses operate with large enterprises, middle size businesses or small startups. Or even combinations of all mentioned above.

All data mentioned above allows to make judgments about businesses’ reputation and rice, quality and terms of time-to-market delivery they offer. This list can be of great assistance to those looking for effective, scalable QA services and have poor outsourcing experience as for now.

Who made it to the top 10?

  1. QA Consultans
  2. N-iX solutions
  3. QArea – we are especially proud that BugHuntress team got to be part of this as we are QArea’s primary testing division
  4. BJSS
  5. EffectiveSoft
  6. Artezio
  7. ELEKS
  8. Huenei IT Services
  9. Intetics
  10. Trust Sourcing

These leaders of the QA industry according to Clutch may be proud with combination of both great customer references, expertise, software testing and, most importantly, direct focus on QA and software testing.

These are inspiring results that motivate to move on forward and increase quality of delivered services as, you know, with our jobs as QA engineers it’s hard to get appreciation beyond projects you’re working hard on.

Ensure the smooth functionality of your software projects by hiring experienced and highly qualified QA engineers and software testers. Get in touch below.


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