Clouds: Heaven or Hell for testers?


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How big are the clouds?

As all of us probably know there are experts in everything constantly stating and predicting all kinds of things (where do they even come from?). No wonder there are experts related to cloud computing as well. And what do they have to say? Apparently Cloud Services are the next huge thing that will be happening in the business world over next few years. Software testing industry is not an exception.

What is meant under cloud testing? That’s an easy one. Tests are done in a virtual environment that is utilizing cloud infrastructure. This is a nice solution or so it seems as such an approach grants access to mere firepower for less money spent.

Useful to know!

Cloud testing is a great thing. If used wisely. And don’t consider it as the only or primary option for running tests. Cloud testing is a terrific addition though. Its nature allows you with vast collaboration possibilities which is nice for practically any application testing services providers.

One more great thing is that environments based on clouds are being ridiculously easy to set up. With the IT world we are facing today such an advantage may not be neglected. Slim budgets from the start are becoming even tighter when the deal comes to testing (a terrible trend, yet we have to deal with it). If it’s a traditional environment that requires to be set up we are talking about than it is quite expensive. All the servers supporting multiple Operation Systems, hardware, software, etc. It all costs money. I’m even not mentioning expanses for localization if there are teams scattered around the globe working on a project. All that may be solved with cloud infrastructure where all the environment and machines will be virtual and launched, canceled at will.

Yet all that is management stuff. What will testers be facing? First of all more work. Testing of all layers is required. You will have to test all from the app to the cloud server layer, which is, if you ask me a reasonable price to pay for all the opportunities. Sure there are also security issued (more like trust issues, I’d say), etc. yet there is one more reason for you to dig into it. Hence expanses are reduced you will have more resources you can spend on actual testing, which is nice. And still remember. Cloud based testing is an addition rather than priority.

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