Challenges Of Agile You Will Have to Deal With


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Testing Methodolo­gies

Testing is difficult and challenging. The rising demand of quality and constant increase in various devices, testing tools and methodologies and other factors are not making things a bit easier. Then there are agile environments that are extremely popular in today’s world of IT hence agile grants developers and stakeholders various benefits and bonuses. However is it as great for software testers?

Despite obvious benefits agile projects provide, as a tester, you will be encountering all following difficulties hence you will have to find ways of overcoming them. This post is designed to make such a challenging task a little bit easier.

  • Defects are detected early. It is hard and expensive to fix a bug later on in the development cycle. Hence testers must find defects as early as possible or at least during the period defined in the requirements otherwise fixes would cost much, much more. A great solution here will be attending code reviews often as they are a great mean of spotting issues early. The second option is static source code analysis. This road opens you to vast opportunities like: missed error routines are easily found, data type mismatches will be spotted (better here than in production) and standard derivations may be coded.
  • Performance Bottlenecks are also a rather new challenge hence applications are becoming more advanced, overfilled with new functionality and ease of access. Complexity equals more code and that, in turn, leads to multiple possible performance issues. Load testing with appropriate tools should reduce risks of this level and proper testing sessions will highlight troublesome areas.
  • Software today is being designed according to service orientation and the architecture is aimed at making the life of any end-user easier. APIs are now publically exposed in most cases. And hence, API testing sessions are more complicated and, sadly, are often overlooked. API tests require really strong coding skills not all testers possess. There are various tools that are designed to simplify API tests so all less tech-savvy people may use in an efficient manner, however strong skills in programming are preferable.
  • Constant Builds also have a negative impact on testing as code is often broken by accident. Series of tests should be run against every new build if you are looking for quality in your product under development. Automation is a great tool here hence making testers to check out all the changes on a daily basis tends to be an expensive activity which is wasting too many resources without any practical value.

However, despite all odds tests have to be done and quality needs to be assured. After all, isn’t the challenge you face that exact thing that makes you love software testing even more?

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