Can’t Focus On Testing? Here’s Why!


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Tips & Tricks

Why does the work take so long?

It’s not the actual work that is taking ages for you to complete it. It’s the distractions. Now, that we have multiple researches proving how bad multitasking really is and how hard it is for our brain to appropriately redirect it’s functionality we may bravely leave this aspect be as irrelevant. There are much more distracting things though you have to fight.

But nobody can say the battle against distractions is a piece of cake and simple will power is enough to deal with it. Let’s determine what are the most often causes of you losing a grip on what you are doing.

  • Pushed, notifications and whatever else from Skype, twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Colleagues or managers requiring something from you.
  • Calls and texts.
  • Noisy workplaces.
  • Hunger, smells, thirst, whatever else physical needs, etc.

Thoug the list does not seem very long the battle with distractions is now harder than ever.

How do I deal with what I can’t control?

The best possible way of managing any problem is getting in control of it. Surely you won’t be able to get a grip and dispose of all possible distractions but you can eliminate majority of them. Here are a few nice practices you may use.

  • First of all work in a full screen mode whenever it’s possible.
  • Disable all your app push notifications and Skype pop ups.
  • Make sure every colleague of yours is aware you can’t possibly answer every single request within seconds so they are not rushing you every few minutes.
  • Have a nice policy implemented, called the ‘headphones-on policy”. Whenever you are wearing your headphones colleagues are aware you can’t be distracted unless there is a serious reason to do so.

Surely those tricks are not doing magical things but they will definitely make your life easier and you can calmly sink into desktop, web or mobile testing you were doing.

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