Can People Test The Clouds?


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Testing & QA

Cloud computing is big, really big today and influences all fields, domain and niches of the IT industry and even beyond it. Cloud resources allow businesses to dramatically reduce cost and time required for development and testing of new products. Yes, such types of solutions provide serious and obvious benefits, but only to those who really know how to embrace and master true power of Cloud.

No solution is the golden key to a magical land of cost-effective solutions and its sides may serve to different purposes. Those companies who know exactly what they need from Cloud solutions succeed with every beginning (if other factors and conditions are met). And, more importantly, Cloud solutions themselves have to be tested to ensure they deliver exactly what customers expect them to.

Cloud Performance

How do Cloud services perform? The only way to accurately measure performance in our case would be to determine how fast the technology responds to particular requests within a certain timeframe. One more vital factor we should consider is that Cloud solutions are 100% web-based. This brings up an entirely new bunch of possible issues.

  • Primary focus should concern the fact that pretty much all Cloud functionality is closely bond together. This puts resource sharing processes in danger hence they must be tested with more effort and dedication.
  • Secondly there are users. Or groups of users, to be more precise. Network bandwidth is extremely vulnerable to even smallest of changes conducted by large groups. Thus performance decreases and the vendor is bond to take some action and set up a hot fix. Or this could have been tested preventively (however it is highly doubtful tests and fixes will cure this issue entirely).

How can a man test the cloud?

There are several tests that have to always be in place if you, as a Cloud service provider wish your solution to stay fully operational and demanded. Here are a few nice examples:

  • Determine Cloud stability. Most attention and dedication on this step should be focused on location of possible memory leaks, as they lead to truly unpleasant circumstances. Memory overuse and constant system crashes are the very minimum.
  • Stress testing. Generate extremely heavy proxy loads and ensure your Cloud solution is capable of handling them.
  • Batch processes. Test batch performance in order to determine their duration. This may be accomplished via vigorous testing.
  • Stability of components and processes. If an element fails due heavy loads, etc. will other components fail as well?
  • Response time. Record response time required for each constituent. Are these time intervals legit, rational and do they meet industry standards?

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