BugHuntress team broads testing horizons in New Zealand


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CITCONBugHuntress team is going to participate in CITCON that took place in Auckland, New Zealand, on 21 – 22 of February.

BugHuntress Software Testing Company is an often participant of different conferences focused on testing of software using the best solutions. It is not the first time when BugHuntress is visiting CITCON. Last time the Bughuntress team of dedicated developers paid a visit to Turin, Italy.

CITCON is an OpenSpace event that attracts researchers, developers, testers, users, students and practitioners from the fields of QA. The conference brings together people from every corner of the software development industry to discuss Continuous Delivery and the practices. The event discusses all aspects of CI and Testing, together. It has a unique format when attendees communicate openly with each other, discussing topics that matter to them, with the experts, both local and visiting.

This includes everything from Test Driven Development to Continuous Deployment, from code metrics to post-release monitoring. Attendees include developer-testers, tester-developers, devops and other people looking for cross-functional solutions to make software better.

It collects people from all over the world who want to share their ideas are interested in testing the biggest issues and the most difficult challenges, where we could draw on the knowledge and experiences of the industry leaders, meet face-to-face with representatives from some of today’s most progressive and innovative organizations.

Why we are going there?

We loved the last conference where we learnt a lot of new stuff about testing industry. This time we hope it will be the same interesting as before.

Many interesting and popular topics will be discussed, not only professionals but any person will be able to speak up on this conference. It will be free.

It is a great chance for our team to broad horizons. We are happy to have such an opportunity to level up our knowledge on the latest testing solutions.

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