BugHuntress QA Lab Reports 85% Growth in 2007


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March 20, 2008. Sales volume increase by about 85%, dozens of successfully completed projects and new long-term partner relations established are the key activity points of Ukrainian software testing company BugHuntress QA Lab in the past 2007.

“On the whole we yielded even more than expected. We adopted the right business strategy and ran it at the right time and with the right people,” comments Max Garkavtsev, Founder of BugHuntress QA Lab. BugHuntress customers agree with this opinion. “BugHuntress has done a great job in helping us make Minggl a very solid product. I would recommend them readily to anyone who needs help with a solid testing process,” says Dewey Gaedcke, CEO of Minggl.com (USA).

What is the secret of BugHuntress business strategy?

BugHuntress strategy is based on three corner-stones:

1. Partner relationship with customers is one of the most important principles. “This approach makes the customer’s business more adjustable to today’s economic situation and increases its revenue potential,” stated Max Garkavtsev. “It is achieved not only due to cost-effective software testing services offered by BugHuntress but also to QA/QC support which allows the customers to be assured in the relations with their software development vendors and take from IT outsourcing its real benefits rather than risks.”

IT outsourcing is associated with such inherent risks as difficulties with management, lack of vendor’s commitment, unrealized costs and quality expectations. BugHuntress QA Lab provides quality assessment of vendor’s work, independent verification and validation of the developed software, QA/QC consulting. In that way BugHuntress QA Lab helps the customers to get impartial data on the real project progress, stimulate outsourcing vendors to act right (it is especially important at the first stage of cooperation) and, as a result, to avoid lots of bad expenses.

2. BugHuntress QA Lab focuses on testing of web-enabled business, Web 2.0, embedded, wireless, as well as cross-technology and cross-platform applications such as mobile internet systems. “Offering specialized software testing services, the company perfectly fits today’s market needs in best-of-breed vendors,” says Oleg Kamyshanov, Director of BugHuntress QA Lab.

3. Creative solutions and innovations are particularly important when, e.g., wireless or complex Web applications are tested. BugHuntress is situated in Ukraine, a country famous for talents with deep mathematical background, problem-solving thinking, and commitment to R&D and innovations. BugHuntress QA Lab employs specialists who can propose effective solutions that reduce costs and enhance the quality of technically complex types of testing.

The essential business growth has caused expansion of BugHuntress working space. At the end of 2007 BugHuntress QA Lab moved into a new office. It is situated in the greenest part of Kharkiv, close to the Botanical Garden, the oldest in Ukraine. The office is equipped with all facilities for comfortable work; greenery and placid internal space create a favorable atmosphere for productive activities. Moreover, the new office provides better technical basis for implementation of the company’s informational security policy.

BugHuntress QA Lab goals for 2008 are ambitious as well. “We are ready for further achievements to come in the year 2008,” says Max Garkavtsev. “At the end of 2007 we successfully completed a number of pilot testing projects for several blue-chip companies. We believe these projects to grow into mutually beneficial partnerships. This is the kind of relationship we always try to build with our customers.”

  1. Flexible partnership-based business and service models, not only a software testing service provider but also a quality consultant / assessor in IT outsourcing deals;
  2. Testing specialization;
  3. Creative approach and innovations.
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