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April 17, 2008. BugHuntress QA Lab has established a software tester school in Kharkiv, Ukraine. This school is to train about 450 persons a year.

BugHuntress QA Lab, a leading Ukrainian software testing company, consists of proficient specialists who successfully accomplished lots of sophisticated testing projects. And BugHuntress professionals have been always ready to share their abundant experience and deep knowledge in testing with young testers and students.

Four months ago BugHuntress QA Lab opened its doors to the intelligent and industrious youth from the leading Kharkiv universities KhIRE, KhAI, KhPI. All selected candidates usually had a strong technical background and passed special tests which check the ability to be a tester.

In fact, there are no universities in Ukraine that educate QA engineers with all the special skills and knowledge required for this profession. BugHuntress QA Lab understands that the best specialists are those whom you raise yourself. Basing on our 7+ years experience and deep understanding of the QA/QC processes we have developed our training program to sharpen minds of students for software testing.

Now this school is operating on the regular basis. The process of education is based on the “20:80” rule: 20% of time is a theory and 80% of time is practice. The practical part includes not only execution of training tests but also participation in real projects for BugHuntress customers.

The participation of students in a project is specially negotiated with customers. Due to management and support of seasoned team-leads and managers, the quality of work of such a team is reasonable. Of course, they do not take part in critical-mission applications testing. However for many testing tasks such a combination of an experienced team-lead and a team of young testers gives excellent results especially from the point of view of the quality-to-price ratio.

The first four months of the school work evidently showed great achievements. First groups of young testers did lots of practical work and successfully accomplished a number of complicated tasks. The best of them will continue working in BugHuntress QA Lab as junior testers.

“We have tried out this idea for 4 months and now see that it is worth to expand,” comments Max Garkavtsev, Founder of BugHuntress QA Lab. “Our customers and partners encourage and evaluate it very high as it is convenient and profitable for them.”

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