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Agile Tour Bangkok 2013On December, 21 BugHuntress QA team is going to attend a great conference in Bangkok, Agile Tour 2013.

BugHuntress test specialists are eager to get more knowledge and expertise from communication with fellow IT professionals from all over the globe, and Agile Tour Bangkok 2013 will present a lot of opportunities for that.

Agile Tour is held annually to promote agile concepts, share the proven practices of software development and find ways to involve them in an agile environment. The conference participants also strive to make software development projects for Thai community a joyful experience associated with successful deliverables.

Hosted at JW Marriott Bangkok hotel, the event will feature 17 speakers, delivering speeches both in English and Thai, including agile practitioners from the local sites and oversea of all levels of proficiency, who will reveal their opinions on such issues as agile skills, trainings, failure correction, specific features of the QA and development process in the agile world etc. The speeches are sure to provide much food for thought and produce animated discussions.

Being one of the leading Ukrainian software testing companies BugHuntress team works hard to deliver cutting-edge QA solutions and is actively adopting agile techniques in their work. Agile approach in the IT industry is one of the major courses the company is interested in and aims to master more efficiently. That’s why at Agile Tour 2013 BugHuntress representatives will be looking for new agile methodologies of both project and test management in order to boost their expertise and ensure high-quality deliverables to their customers.

BugHuntress participants of Agile Tour 2013 are looking forward to visit this event to meet fellow IT specialists from Thailand and other countries and share the best existing agile practices.

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