Bug Priority Issues? Never Heard of Them!


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All projects differ. They have different features developed, are offering different functionality and are targeted on different categories of users, However every single development project today requires one trait all should share: quality. And decent quality is hard to achieve, considering how complex most websites and applications are.

At a certain point you will realize not all bugs may be tracked or fixed, some of them will remain in the code and await fixes in the future, whilst others may even become permanent habitants of the app. But how can one decide on which defects require immediate attention and which may be dealt with later on? Prioritization comes in handy for just such cases and here are several tips you can’t afford missing:

  • First stop – application security testing. It’s always your top priority and all related defects should be dealt with immediately. Especially in cases when user data is involved. Security bugs should constantly remain your top priority, all of them, and no fix may be delayed.
  • Now that security is covered and you are facing a bug that is unrelated to user data and other possible flows of this matter you should ask yourself how often it does take place? If your app crashes every here and then the bug requires attention. But, if it may, at some point do some minor harm every once in a while it probably can wait a bit. Basically, if a defect appears often it has to be prioritized higher. You may retrieve appropriate data from analyzing tickets and bug reports.
  • You have several major key points in your project like a websites main page or primary app functionality. If defects are there they have to be dealt with before the release.
  • Then you have your Business Requirements as the app has to deliver value to business owners as well. Their need and expectations are as valuable as the end user’s experience it the app so if any defect is in the way it has to be prioritized higher.
  • And there is user experience. If any defect prevents users from achieving any goals or makes the entire process more difficult it is also of high priority, people will not be using an app that isn’t doing what they are expecting it to, and people also require ease and comfort, otherwise they will find something else in the internet or on the app store without any second thoughts.

The mentioned 5 factors will lead you to top priority bug categories, whilst the rest of located defects may, indeed, be dealt with later on or even after the release, as long as you remember all of them and will never let your users down by not doing any work on fixes after the first successful release.

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