Brain Hacks For Ultimate Testing 3: The Return Of The Brain-Hacker

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 10/1/2014

Brain Hacks For Ultimate Testing 3: The Return Of The Brain-Hacker

Can you control it? Sure you can. Your brain is amazing and it may allow you to not get sick. Not being sick means more testing. More testing means more fun. You are not in the best condition for your daily functional testing with a headache and fluids draining from your body due to fever. And I am not writing about healthy food, vitamins, and washing hands. That’s too banal for this awesome article. You can stay healthy by looking at pictures. Easy?

The catch is that your immune system is actually controlled by your brain as everything else in your body. Seeing various images, as we all know, triggers different reactions in your brain. That is a fact. Try looking at a kitten pic, you are feeling better already, right? But cats are not the point here.

The Brain Hack is Not too pleasant

This brain-hack will not be of the most pleasant ones, yet it works and is way better than having a fever with all those fluids draining down your nose and eyes. Just look at some pictures of sick people for 10-15 minutes and you are prepared for all the rain and bad weather fall has prepared for you. You will be as healthy as a bull juiced up with painkillers. And that means less leaves and more testing.

This data comes from the nice folk of The University of British Columbia. They were making people look at pictures of sneezing men and women with rashes and stuff for ten minutes. Then they were continuing with their experiments which showed that the volunteers (or simply students who were low on grades, who knows?) had some major changes with their white blood cells after watching sick people. The production of interleukin (IL-6), the same juice your body would produce to fight infections has rose up to 26%. That is evolution in its purest form. Or at least that’s how they’ve described it. And I am finding that explanation reasonable.

Imagine you are a pre-historic tester with a pet dinosaur (yes, I know that dinosaurs lived way before men, I was not studying history from the Flintstones cartoon. It just sounds awesome) and your fellow cavemen started dying of some prehistoric flue or stuff. It’s reasonable for your brain to try surviving. Nobody, even cave-men, had any desire of playing the box. And there you have it, a sick picture a day keeps the doctor away.

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