Black Friday Testing Discounts!

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 11/26/2014

Black Friday Testing Discounts!

Guess what?!

It’s Black Friday and we are magically getting discounts straight out of our black box!

For those of you who truly believe that Black Friday is not only about shopping new fancy pants and for those who believe that there was a third option with Schrödinger and his cat-in-a-box BugHuntress team is presenting that exact third option.

There may have or may have not been 90% discounts for black box and some other testing services. It’s only that BugHuntress people are a bit more precise with their option. Discount will be there and available for Black Friday.

Get your Black Friday Black Box testing 90% cheaper!

We’re sorry but the offer is over now. Contact us to find out about new special offers.

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