Everything about testing: black box approach


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Functional Testing, Software Testing Tools

Application externals are in the focus of functional testing approach. Usually, it is called Specifications-based and Requirements-based.


  • System’s ability to meet the requirements of business
  • Functionality
  • Requirements, using standards Correctness
  • Documents and business forms

Black box approach and its test types:

  • A. User Acceptance Testing: There are testing, which is performed by user or for user. It is called user acceptance testing. The main goal is to guarantee that end users are satisfied with the system’s performance and functionality.
  • B. System Testing: To be insured, that all programs work and function together properly, there are system test, which demonstrates it. When all the separate component objects for a release have been integrated into a solid system, the test is performed. Performance, stress, volume, security and capacity are also verified. During this phase special attention is paid to regression testing.

Tools & Techniques:

  • Boundary value analysis and equivalence segmentation (develop program code to perform tests).
  • Error Guessing and random testing (GUI test tools)
  • Cause-effect graphing (Tools of flow graphing)
  • Regression testing (Server test tools/ GUI)
  • Replication and stress testing (Load test tools)
  • Recoverable and backup testing (Server test tools / Load test tools / GUI test tools)
  • Data integrity testing (Data analysis tools)
  • Performance testing (Load test tools)
  • Configuration testing (Multi platform test tools)
  • Functional software testing (Server test tools / Load test tools / GUI test tools)
  • Security testing (Security test tools)
  • User acceptance testing (GUI test tools)
  • Benchmark testing (Benchmarking tools)
  • Alpha / Beta testing (Load / Server / GUI test tools)
  • Usability testing (Tools for measuring usability)
  • Compatibility / conversion testing (Load / GUI / Server test tools)
  • Operational Readiness testing (Load test tools / server / GUI tools)
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