Bitter Truth About Software Testing

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 05/7/2015

Bitter Truth About Software Testing


So, you are a business who is dependent on software development. You gain your profit from delivered application. Or you are an enterprise that requires decent solutions for more security or workflow automation? You can even be a small business who invests in app development for further customer reach and branding. Whatever the case you need software testing. You, surely realize that and are investing in testers equipment, appropriate software, etc. And, despite all odds your project fails. Don’t worry, you are not the first one, moreover, majority of software development projects face unpleasant fate. How come? You, despite all awareness of the value software testing services may provide are treating it wrong.


In a perfect world software testing has to take at least 40% of entire development time. Can you truly say you have invested in enough resources to make sure things are going in the way they are supposed to? Surely that tends to be expensive and may seem like extra dollars are being tossed away, but, look at the facts: no matter how much effort will developers and managers put to make sure the project is alive and well, things won’t work out without tests, tests and even more tests.

There are multiple researches across the web state that 3 out of 4 software development projects in the US are late, over budget, and, as a result, are being canceled before launch. Overall project success rates (amongst those projects that have been launched) are somewhere around 35%, 15% of them fail and the rest 50% have severe issues and difficulties. I’d call it a depressing picture.

Yes, testing may indeed prove to be expensive considering the amount of effort required, however it is only another investment. It will pay-off in long-term. It will assist your app in the market. It will ensure people are not facing difficulties with the solution you have provided them with. Did you know most adult users will never use an app after its second crash? So yes, testing requires quite an amount of money, but, in the end, it pays off. And if your app fails you just lose all you have invested before and nobody will be there to help you. Bugged software does more harm that just wasted investments. It tears your brand name apart. You don’t want to become the next Internet Explorer, right?

So what is the bitter truth about software testing? It is expensive, true, however you simply cannot afford neglecting it.

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