Best Way Business Analysts Should To Cooperate With QA Teams

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 04/27/2015

Best Way Business Analysts Should To Cooperate With QA Teams


Business Analysts may deliver great value to all kinds of QA projects or they can just ruin all work that was done by the QA department. Primarily it does depend on the skills Business Analysts possess, however there are several great practices that may and should be used to make thinks considerably better.

Who is a great Business Analyst to a QA team?

A decent and skilled business analyst will easily explain requirements to the QA team Lead and all testers and will also provide clear guidance on all related matters. And there is nothing valued more than understanding of the product under test in a QA environment. All testers require a plan according to which all will commence testing and accurate and meaningful test plans are impossible without the described above knowledge.

What does the testing team need to understand before testing begins? Firstly, they require to be sure on why’s the app under test of any importance to the business. This will, in turn, lead to understanding of how this or that particular project fits in the general picture of organization. Then testers require to fully understand how all requirements are valuable to the entire organization and its area of interest in general and which particular business scenarios are triggering the requirements.

In simple words testers have to know why your business requires the app and how does it solve any tasks you, your employees or your customers are facing. So a Business Analyst may require a certain feature which may simplify various things and processes and testers won’t be capable of doing their job right unless they fully understand why this particular functionality required is and what goals people are perusing when using it.

What makes any business Analyst good?

Generally Business Analysts require wide sets of skills however all those abilities may be organized into 3 top-priority categories:

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