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Should We Choose Automated Software Testing Over Manual?

Software testing can be utterly time consuming, but it is such an essential task. Every single development group subjects its software to test, yet almost always delivered software has defects. Software nowadays becoming more and more complicated so as burden of testing them. Traditionally software testing, including planning, executing, and reporting results, has been done manually. Now, there are software programs that are doing some or most of the testing, that way making the whole testing experience much easier. In general it sounds very promising the idea of one software program testing another, minimizing human involvement in the process. However, test automation is not a cure for all the problems, and a business needs evaluation before deciding whether to use automated testing or manual, and when each will fit best into testing process.

Automated Testing Pros

  • Automated software testing yields the greatest prosperity on mature product, and it is greatly benefits big software development firms. In certain cases automated software testing saves a huge amount of time that is directly translated into money saving.
  • Testers do make mistakes during their long and monotonous manual work. Same steps can be performed in precise manner by automated tests, resulting improvement of accuracy.
  • Test automation increases test coverage. Such testing increases the scope and depth of tests, executing thousands complex test cases significantly improving quality of the software. Lengthy tests can be run on different computers with various configuration being completely unattended.
  • Automated software testing sometimes performs tasks that could not be done manually. Features that automated testing software possesses in specific scenarios can be very helpful for developers and testers saving them time and boosting up their confidence.

Automated Testing Cons

  • Test automation certainly is not a cure for all of yours testing challenges. It’s not always can fit particular project, and before using such software must be all the limitations understood. Businesses should have clear goals and expectations before implementing automated testing. There are only so many jobs that can be done by a “robot” and the rest are requiring a human sitting in front of the computer. The biggest mistake developers make is automating wrong processes while testing software.
  • “At the end of the day” automated testing not always end up being cheaper, a lot of times manual costs less.

Manual software testing is definitely a better fit for start-up projects. It could be a money pitfall when using automated testing on projects that haven’t matured enough, paying too much for writing and re-writing automated scripts.

  • Automated testing always goes through the same recorded routes, and it is crucial to understand that automation not going to find the type of behavior that you get from manual testing.


Should we choose automated over manual testing? The answer would be yes and no. Both testing strategies have place in software development life cycle, the goal here is to find the right balance. Before choosing what is best for your project you must clearly understand what you trying to achieve, and realize the level of the projects maturity.

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