Attention: Open Source! The Top 10 iOS And Android Automation Tools


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A nice list of tools for automation of Android and/or iOS.

These are the tools any iPhone application development company may find useful:

  • Appium (iOS/Android) is a splendid open source tool used for automation of native and web as well as hybrid apps. What I mean by that is the fact that it is good for automation of apps written on original Android or iOS SDKs (native), web applications that are accessible via a mobile browser (web) and applications that are wrapped around the ‘webview’- the native control feature which enables various interactions with web contents (hybrid).
  • Calabash (iOS/Android) is an acceptance testing automation framework. It may be compared with the famous Selenium Web Driver. Yet every tester has to realize the difference between testing the app on a desktop machine and on a touchscreen devise. Especially when dealing with a native application. Calabash may provide the necessary API full of ‘touchscreening’ experiences.
  • Frank (iOS) actually allows you to write structure text tests as well as acceptance tests and requirements (via Cucumber) and all that fun will be executed against your iOS app. You can also get all the required info about your running app via Frank’s Symbiote, the app inspector in other words.
  • MonkeyTalk (iOS/Android) can automate all possible real and functional interactive tests. Everything from little “Smoke Tests” to the tough data-driven test suits. It does bot real device and simulation tests with native and hybrid as well as mobile apps.
  • iOS UI Automation (for iOS)  This one is an instrument. The one you can use for automating your user interface tests through some written test-scripts.
  • Robotium (Android)  A great tool for both native and hybrid apps. Robotium makes black box testing fairly easier. With it test case developers are free to write function and system as well as user acceptance test scenarios.
  • iOS Driver (iOS)  is capable of complete integration with the Selenium grid. Thus you will have the possibility of reusing the already existing wen automation infrastructure. This also includes the helper as well as the utility cases.
  • UI Automator (Android) This UI Automation framework allows you to test your UI via creation of automated functional test cases. They will be able of running against your app on a single or multiple devices.
  • KeepItFunctional (iOS) KIF is an integration test framework. KIF is building and performing cases with a standard XCTest testing target.
  • Selendroid (Android) is but one more test automation framework. It is driven of the UI of both native and hybrid apps as well as the mobile web. So the tests will be written via Selenium 2 client API.


Strongly hope you will find these tools useful in your practice and in case you need any assistance, please contact the Testfort website.

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